Confirmation at Night

By September 30, 2016Solaris Galactic

About three weeks ago, I went outside and looked up at the stars in the evening.  It was a gorgeous, magical night – comfortable and not too cold or warm – somewhat like the evening a couple of years ago when I took this fun photo of a star that seemed to be moving all sorts of ways.

Anyway, this night I went out onto my deck.  It was dark and I was thinking about this blog, and thinking, am I really doing this?!  Do I really want to do this?  I was feeling pretty good about getting started.  It felt, magical, really with things coming together behind the scenes, and coming together in the blog’s presentation.

But, I wanted to have some confirmation.  Some interaction.

I looked up towards the stars and the rainbow ships and tried to find one to focus on.  One that was shining brightly, so I could have a conversation.  And, it went something like this…. “Do you guys really want me to do this?!”

I asked it with all my heart, with all my passion for taking photos of the sky.

What happened next, was that I saw a “shooting ship”.  I’m not kidding.  It was right after I asked this question.

A light went across my field of vision that was big, and bright, and almost as fast as a shooting star.  This light was big, and low down in the atmosphere.  It went from just out front above me towards the direction I was looking.  I have never seen anything else like that.

As I was looking up, the light that flew past at top speed was maybe a quarter inch around.

I was elated.

Yes, I got my confirmation.

Confirmation that I never expected to receive.  So, here we go.

You know, I was gonna do it anyway.  Lol.

But it’s nice to know I’m on a team.


Notes on the accompanying photo:

This is a photo I took of star that was twinkling all sorts of ways in 2014.  It’s a “close up” using a zoom camera.  It’s just a fun photo and one of the few I’ve taken at night.


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