Galactic Sessions with Solaris Modalis

I’d love to do a session with you.  Sessions are deeply personal.  Sessions are very specific to you – each one is tailored to what suits your highest good as an individual.

What’s a session like?  Sessions tend to be about your galactic connections, supporting your Earth mission, understanding past experiences or memories, and/or getting confirmation of that which you already truly know.

Some people come to me for a session because they have a feeling about meeting with me and feel inspired to do so.

Some people come with a specific question about specific experiences or memories, and would like to have resolution or understanding about what these were for them.

Energy Parameters for Galactic Sessions

These are the energy parameters and intentions that I set in working with you:

  • working with your guides of the highest light, through your Higher Self
  • working with my guides of the highest light, thought my Higher Self
  • working with Archangel Michael (St. Michael); Michael is the archangel of security protection
  • in your highest good and in my highest good; in the highest good of all
  • through unconditional love

Your permission is very important and I will ask your permission before we undertake every new aspect of the session.

Examples of Past Lives, Alternate Realities, Concurrent Realities and Future Selves

This is an example of the extraterrestrial, galactic, celestial and Earth – Gaia connections of people I have worked with:

Arcturian, Sirian, Pleiadian, Andromedan, Reptilian, Grey, Annunaki, Archon, Celestial Angelic, Celestial Archangel, the divine feminine Gaia, the goddess Kali, Atlantean, Lemurian, Mantis, Spider, Insectoid.

~**.^   `’     >< * ><    ~-,-~,+     *)(*   `’\|/’  *****  `’\|/’    ^    >< * ><     *)(*    ^.**~

What is in a Galactic Session?

Sessions are customized to your individual needs.  Here is what sessions may involve:

Past life discussion

  • a description of a past life or lives that specifically relate to your mission on Earth now
  • a discussion of how your past lives on other planets or realms support you in your presence on Earth

Energy working

  • releasing energies that no longer serve you
  • energizing heart based personal energy grids
  • upshifting your golden energy grids to support your fifth dimensional energetic state
  • grounding your energy and human body to Earth
  • grounding to your Soul’s frequencies

Personalized Meditations

  • to support your energy
  • to create the energetic state of being that you wish to embody

Teaching and Training

  • I teach and mentor about sacred geometries, quantum physics, human and galactic history.
  • On a personal level, I mentor and walk you through how to embody your highest goals for yourself, and how to create from your heart’s guidance and passion.

Choosing a Session Mode

Sessions can be done in person (if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area), by phone, on Skype, or by FaceTime (iPhone).

If you choose a 15 minutes or 30 minutes session with me and I haven’t met with you previously, I’d prefer to see you via Skype or FaceTime as in these short sessions it helps me to tune in with you.

If you are doing an Intensive Session or Personal Seminar, this can be done in person, over Skype, by FaceTime (iPhone) or in person.

These sessions are deep, intensive, and support your personal growth and change.  People I work with in these intensive sessions have experienced significant shifts in their lives and personal transformation supporting their Soul path and life’s journey.

Session Durations

15 minutes session – $55.00

30 minutes session – $111.00

1 1/2 hours Intensive Session – $333.00 (includes 1 mini-session 15 minute follow-up)

3 1/2 hours Personal Seminar – $777.00 (includes 2 mini-session 15 minute follow-ups)

For the 15 minutes and 30 minutes sessions, if we allow for it in scheduling, I may be able to extend your session time if you wish to go longer.

For the Intensive Session and the Personal Seminar, we will email and/or connect on the phone so that you can let me know what you desire to achieve during our session.

These are my session rates for individuals.  If you have a project that has business applications that you would like me to look at, please use the Book a Session form to inquire as to pricing for your project.

Working with You and Your Energy Field

If it comes up that this will benefit you in the session, then I will bring talk through what I’m being shown is possible, and then I will ask your permission to see if you want to proceed.  If you give permission we will proceed.  In general, I do not go into your energy field, but I am reading the “windscreen” of your field, in alignment with the energy parameters listed above, during your session.

Doing work with your energy field would come up for example if we were doing releasing of old energetic detritus from your field, or if I am working with your golden grids (the 5th dimensional and higher dimensional gridwork of your toroidal energy field).

In special cases, we may do energy work together in service to Gaia.  If you are an advanced energy or light worker of mastery level, we may do the work together for the past life time period involved, or we may do energy work together for the species involved.  We would do the work as guided under the energy parameters listed below and with your permission.

Examples From Past Sessions

I’d like to give you some examples of how some sessions have gone for others, so that you can have an idea.  Some people come with a list of questions, some just have a feeling to do a session with me.  In each case, my experience is that something amazing transpires.

Exploring Galactic Connections

Advised a client who has begun receiving light language from galactic races, and who will begin teaching this light language and the information they are receiving.  Mentoring on how to receive, and explained how this transmission process works.  Explained what was going on between her and members of that galactic race, assisted her with better understanding and gaining clarity on her personal mission.

Embodying Your Galactic Self

For multiple clients I have seen a key lifetime on another planet, or as a galactic being, and explained the characteristics of this type of being, and how these characteristics express within their human body and through their personality.

These explanations have assisted these clients in better understanding their unique and unusual talents and abilities, and gave them greater comfort that they are on the right track, and connected them with the energies of their galactic heritage and greater mission.

More Deeply Understanding the Special Nature of Your Human Self 

For a number of clients, I have described their extraterrestrial self, or celestial self, or other incarnations, and explained their mission on Earth as a human being.

This special set of people have embodied as human beings to bring key qualities to Earth that are needed at this time.  The characteristic of these qualities is that the person fully embodies them.

These characteristics are not skill sets in the way that most humans view skill sets.  All of these skill sets were lived during lifetimes as extraterrestrial, galactic or celestial beings because it is the nature of who those type of beings are.  Here are examples of these special abilities in people I have worked with:

The lived ability to fully embody a love in a way that values pure love and the pure love  of each other above all else, even money, gems, jewels, status, and environment.

The lived ability to fully know the completeness of love and nurturing of motherhood in complete safety and security.

The ability to mentally process and organize at speeds unknown to human beings, in a way that also brings humanity, compassion and love to the projects being worked on and completed.

The ability to love, care for, and monitor the dreams of one’s children, assisting them to fruition through pure loving intention, and to believe in the dreams of a society’s or group’s  creative possibilities.

Assisting Your Extraterrestrial Mission in Human Embodiment:

I did a reading for a person who works with the greys and assists in helping their spiritual and emotional development (in the non-physical realms).  I explained to this person what they were doing, how the practices they were guided to do assisted this extraterrestrial race in creating an emotional capability, and how the person’s work effected their human body and human mindset.

This was a deeply personal experience as the love and appreciation for this human being from the non-physical enlightened members of this extraterrestrial race shown through.  Sometime after this session, an androgynous human being approached me in a place where the permission to do so was in place, and I recognized this physical being as one of this race.  The person said two simple words to me – “thank you”, and departed.

Ancient Past Life Memory Review and Recovery

Moving on from past life missions:

I worked with a client with a deep shamanic past to release an ancient dragon elemental from their field and from this planet.  This was old and ancient energy and it was not needed for either the person or the dragon elemental for this construct and agreement to be together in this way and to remain in place any longer.

Recovering extraterrestrial past life memories:

Working with a client who came in “because they had a feeling about me and felt comfortable with me”, we located a past lifetime as a reptilian warrior who perished after a great battle, and retrieved this aspect of the person’s Soul, so that it could be re-integrated.

This also reintegrated these energies back into the person’s field in this lifetime, so that the person can access their great strength and fortitude from that lifetime, and use these talents today to support their daily life now.

Reconciling Atlantean memories:

Gave confirmation of an specific activity and event during Atlantean times to a client and described their role in the event.  Explained the greater picture of what was occurring so that the person could move into to acceptance of what was and can now move forward in their current lifetime, and pursue a new personal mission.

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